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Opinion about “The Prince Who Wanted Everything” episode from Adventure Time

DISCLAIMER: English is not my native language and i may not fulfill the whole point i want to show you, so please forgive me if the idea kinda gets lost or cut or weird here; now that this has been said, let’s start.

So, this episode was good :D

we can see a lot of awesome things here:

-fionna and cake after a long time

-flame prince

-turtle prince (that was unexpected hahahaha)

-Anime Styled lumpy space prince….(they must have read my last post of AT because i’ve predicted that the “food chain” episode was going to be the one and only anime themed episode….CN reads our shit posts XD)


-that voice for lumpy space prince XD

anyway, the episode was very good, i can almost bet that a lot of gifs are coming…more than the ones we already have :D

go and check out the images from another blogs….they are really good :)

that´s all folks!

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